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Techichi Adventure     Book One      by       Bill A. Kithas
           (An awesome fantasy about how Man and Dogs became best friends)
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Books published by BAK CRAFTS
1.   DIGITAL CAMERAS - The Basics ----------------------------------$3.00
2.   Introduction to Well Log Analysis   -----------------------------------$12.00

Bill Kithas teaches at Leisure Learning Unlimited
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BOOKS by Bill A. Kithas
Introduction to Well Log Analysis ------   ( this class can be taught at your office.)
Petroleum industry professionals (managers, accountants, engineers, geologists, and others) who are not trained in Well Log Analysis need this introductory course. Well Logs are a basic essential to the petroleum industry. This class will introduce you to Well Logs and how to analyze them. Gain confidence and understanding in their use, and banish the aura of mystery that surrounds Well Logs.